Sometimes on the way to a dream we get lost and find a better one.  -- Lisa Hammond

Sometimes on the way to a dream we get lost and find another one. -- Lisa Hammond

Pathlight Center LLC:  Welcome from Dr. Joy Smith

Pathlight Center is a faith based entity whose focus is on life skills and emotional and spiritual wellness. Classes and seminars are offered for those seeking positive life strategies for change. Almost everyone will encounter times when their lives take an unexpected detour. Sometimes dreams are lost and it becomes difficult to find the way back.

Our goal is to partner with and assist individuals, couples and families in developing a positive, workable plan to reclaim their dreams and life goals. All of our participants are very important to us and we invest and rejoice in their new directions and positive outcomes. 

Our Services

This is just a small sample of what our business offers

Life Strategies for Women

Life Strategies for Women is a educational program especially designed for women of all ages and stages of life. The program features support, education, and resources addressing life passages, transitions and self-discovery.

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Parenting for Today

Parenting in Today's World classes are available for families wanting to learn practical, effective parenting skills for today's challenging world. Love Choices helps adults prepare children to make wise relationship choices that begin early and impacts a lifetime.

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Love and Relationships

Communication and emotional closeness are crucial to healthy relationships. Classes and resources for couples can help mend lost emotional closeness and establish better conflict and communication styles. 

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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual connectedness plays a very important role in our emotional and physical well-being.  In our classes, we approach spiritual and faith issues with caring, empathy, and understanding and strive to offer an environment that encourages spiritual growth.