The Freedom of Forgiveness

Topics include:

  • Forgiveness fallacies and myths
  • Understanding the forgiveness process and God's plan
  • Knowing if you have truly forgiven others
  • How do I know if I have been forgiven?
  • The impact of the past on forgiveness
  • Does forgiveness require reconciliation?
  • Knowing how and who to forgive
  • Forgiving the unforgivable
  • Bible stories of forgiveness
  • Accepting the freedom of forgiveness
  • Making an effective forgiveness plan

The Freedom of Forgiveness Booklet

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​Table of Contents

What is Forgiveness?

The Forgiveness Process

Forgiving Primary and Secondary Offenders

How Do I Know If I've Forgiven Someone?

Does Forgiveness Require Reconciliation?

The Impact of the Past on Forgiveness

Must the Offender Repent Before I Forgive?

A Sex Abuse Case Study

God's Role in Offender Accountability

Two Bible Stories of Forgiveness

Can God Really Forgive Me?

How Can a Loving God Let Bad Things Happen?

My Personal Forgiveness Plan

Bryan and Sara:  A Forgiveness Case Study

Sherry and Jim:  A Forgiveness Case Study

Forgiveness Resources