Heaven: A Scriptural Study

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Heaven:  A Scriptural Study

What do we know about heaven?

The Bible doesn't tell us everything about heaven but scripture does provide a wealth of information that paints a beautiful picture of what is to come. 

The Heaven: A Scriptural Study classes focus on what God's word reveals to us abut heaven with the understanding there are many mysteries that will be made known when His plan is complete.  The apostle Paul who saw heaven and said, "But I do know that I was caught up to paradise and heard things so astounding that they cannot be expressed in works, things no human is allowed to tell" (2 Corinthians 12:2).  We eagerly anticipate the wonderful heavenly home that awaits us!

A Place Called Heaven

by Robert Jeffress

A Place Called Heaven is the primary text used in the

Heaven:  A Scriptural Study  classes.  Dr. Jeffress is senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.  His daily radio program, Pathway to Victory, is heard on stations nationwide and his weekly television program is seen on cable and stations in the US and nearly 200 countries around the world.

The Heaven Study Booklet

The study booklet is used along with A Place Called Heaven and contains additional information about heaven with a scriptural emphasis.

Does Heaven Really Exist?

---Is heaven a physical place or a state of mind?

---Has anyone ever seen heaven"

---Where is heaven located?

What Will Heaven Be Like?

---Is Revelation's account of heaven literal or symbolic?

---Are different heavens described in the Bible?

---Is the new Jerusalem a physical city? What is it like?

Will There Be a New Heaven and New Earth?

--What does the Bible say about a new heaven and new earth?

--Why will the old earth be cleansed with fire?

---What will the new earth be like?

What is the Millennium?

---What does the Bible say about the millennium?

---Are there different views about the millennium

What Happens After We Die?

---Why do we die?

---Where will believers go immediately after death?

---What is the immediate destination for those who don't accept Christ?

---What happens at the resurrection?

---What happens at the final judgment?

What About the Children?

---At what point does an unborn baby have a soul?

---What happens to an unborn, stillborn or you child after death?

---Why does god let children die?

---What is the age of accountability for children?

What Will We Be Like in Heaven?

---What will our resurrected heavenly bodies be like?

---What happens when believers die before the resurrection?

---Will we recognize one another in heaven?

What Will We Do in Heaven?

---We will worship God and Christ the Lamb.

---We will offer praise.

---We will enjoy fellowship with one another and with Christ.

---We will have assigned responsibilities and serve the Lord.

Will There be Rewards in Heaven?

---What does the Bible say about rewards in heaven?

---What kind of rewards will we receive?

What is the Way to Heaven and Eternal Life?

---Salvation is a gift from God.

---What you need to know about God's gift of salvation through Christ.

How can I be saved?

What about baptism?

Other Materials from Heaven:  A Scriptural Study

Thought Questions for Study

Why is the tree of life in the garden of Eden and in heaven?

What names are on the twelve foundation stones of heaven?

What happens to those who have never heard the gospel?

Why will God release Satan after his 1000 year captivity?

Will there be animals in heaven?  Will our pets be there?