Life Strategies for Women

Life is often unpredictable. Things can happen that make it necessary to to alter the course and take unexpected detours.  At times, it may seem that dead ends are encountered at every turn making it difficult to find a way out.

Sometimes you need help navigating life's bumpy road. We are here to hold the lantern so that you discover the compass and direction to find your way back.

Change is never easy. At PathLight Center you will find help discovering the tools necessary to take control and make a new life plan or life makeover that is right for you.  This special program can help turn the unexpected into an opportunity for a positive new direction.

Pathlight Center can be a resource in these areas:

Love and relationships

Grief and bereavement

Divorce and relationship loss

Parenting support

Self-care and personal empowerment

Spiritual issues

Academic/work concerns

Affair/infidelity recovery

Adoption/infertility issues

Depression and anxiety

Grief and bereavement