Pathlight Seminars and Classes

Classes and seminars are offered for those seeking positive life strategies for change. Almost everyone will encounter times when their lives take an unexpected detour. Sometimes dreams are lost and it becomes difficult to find the way back. Our goal is to partner with and assist individuals, couples and families in developing a positive, workable plan to reclaim their dreams and life goals. All of our participants are very important to us and we invest and rejoice in their new directions and positive outcomes.

The Freedom of Forgiveness

The inability to forgive others often becomes an obstacle to quality of life and the ability to move forward.  The Freedom of Forgiveness Class can

help those wanting to move beyond

the wounds and hurts of the past and set themselves free.

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Love Choices:  Helping Children Choose Wisely

Encouraging children to make wise relationship choices begins early and impacts a lifetime.  Learn what you can do to promote healthy, Godly relationships and future partner 

choices in children.

Teen/Tween Dating & Relationship Statistics

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Life Strategies for Women

Life Strategies for Women is a program especially designed for women of all ages and stages of life. The program features support and education addressing life passages, transitions and self-discovery.

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